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KF Interiors Area Rug Guide

Area rugs are a design staple - a space rarely feels complete without them! 

But picking out an area rug with the perfect shape and size for your space can be tricky. Whether youíre looking for a piece to complete your living room, or trying to add some spice to the kitchen - there are so many things to consider before making your purchase.

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Shape and Size

The size and shape of your rug depends on a few different things! The three main shapes include round, rectangular and runner.

  • Round rugs work best in kitchens, dining rooms and foyers.
  • Rectangular rugs work best in living areas and bedrooms
  • Runners are best suited for hallways and staircases

Most people will opt for a rug that is too small - so itís important to remember that the rug should ground your furniture. For a cohesive look, make sure that the front legs of your furniture - if not all - are on the rug.

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The material of a new rug will depend on the look you are trying to achieve, the space it will occupy, and your lifestyle! When choosing a material, youíll also want keep in mind who will be using it, like young kids or pets! First you will want to decide between natural or synthetic material

  • natural material is generally a bit pricier than synthetic - but usually more eco-friendly/non-toxic.
  • natural materials offer beautiful and unique textures
  • synthetic rugs come in a wide variety of colours and patterns
  • some natural material such as sisal can be difficult to clea

Durability is another thing to consider when choosing a material. If your rug is for a high-traffic space, or runs under a doorway - youíll want consider something durable, with a low pile height. Iíve listed the details of a few popular materials below!

Wool: Super resistant to indenting from traffic or furniture and naturally resists stains.

Cotton: Warm and soft - great option for bedrooms and living rooms. Easy to clean but can fade in direct sunlight!

Jute: Low pile height so perfect for high traffic areas! Super durable and allergy friendly. Can be difficult to clean.

Sisal: Offers a beautiful distinct natural appearance. It can be a bit rough to touch so not the greatest for toddlers or babyís. Super low maintenance but cannot be steamed or shampooed.

Acrylic and Polyester : absorbs dye extremely well, offering a wide variety of great colours! Pretty inexpensive, and resistant to sunlight and stains - but not so resistant to traffic and furniture indenting.

Nylon: Resistant to stains and water, great for outdoor or entrance way use!

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Colour and Texture

Because itís such an important component of a room, an area rug should pull all of the other elements together. Just like you would with wall art, make sure that the colours in your rug complement the colour scheme of your room, and any texture or pattern should also complement the style of the space. Remember that lighter rugs will open up the room, and darker rugs will have a more intimate, dramatic effect. Youíll also want to consider how the pile will complement your style. A longer, fluffier pile generally creates a cozy, luxurious look, where as a the low pile and natural colour of a jute or sisal rug is suited to a more casual coastal style.

Happy decorating!


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