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Every year brings new trends and while some fade and fizzle as quickly as they arrive, others have longevity and become the flavour of the year. And for a few lucky trends, they can endure for up to 10 years. That’s the typical time frame for a popular trend and you’ll normally see it almost disappear after that time.

The changes in interior design for 2023 are more dramatic than we’ve seen in a while. If you’re feeling a bit down after all the fun and festivities of December, you can start to get excited about the energy these new trends bring with them. We’re making a big shift from light and airy to deeper, more saturated hues. The colour palette is shifting and it’s taking patterns along for the ride.



Benjamin Moore

Recently Benjamin Moore announced the Colour of the Year for 2023 as Raspberry Blush. If you lived through the 90’s design you’ll remember a lot of burgundy dining rooms. This feels reminiscent of that but instead of just dining rooms, expect to see those bold colours everywhere.

We haven’t seen many deep, saturated colours over the last decade so it may feel like a big leap to paint everything in a colour like this. Take your time and ease into it with small changes. If you’re not ready to paint, add this colour (or any other bold colour) as decor first. Pillows and throws are the easiest way but there will be a lot of decor items coming out in these colours as well. You can add colourful art pieces and then maybe a feature wall. There’s no need to jump into the deep end. Just go at your own pace and enjoy the colourful moment in time.


This may seem like a contradiction to the previous trend but although we’re embracing colour, we’ll always have a neutral that we turn to.

For the last decade the neutral colours for design have been white and grey. From dove grey to deep charcoal we’ve used these tones for walls, furniture and hard materials. Now you’re about to see a strong presence of beige and brown. We’re looking for warmer hues and these shades are doing the trick.

What if you have a house full of grey furniture? You don’t need to run out and replace everything because as it turns out, grey, brown and beige all go nicely together. If you do have a lot of grey furniture, you may want to consider painting your walls in a warmer tone. This will help to update and modernize your space and won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been left behind with the grey trend.



Terrazzo has been a staple in many European countries, particularly in Italy where it originated in the 16th century. It’s a composite material that uses natural materials like marble or glass and is set in a binder of cement and epoxy. It was originally used as flooring but it’s expensive and very slippery so we’re not seeing it used much that way currently.

Keeping with the trend towards bold we’re seeing terrazzo tile everywhere. It started a few years ago but it’s becoming more mainstream and you’ll be seeing it in furniture and countertops in 2023.

Terrazzo comes in vibrant colours but even if you’re a neutral lover you could consider a small piece of furniture like a side table to update your space.

4/ 70’S VIBE

Dwell Hotel

Have you heard of the design style referred to as Grand Millenial?In the last several years we’ve seen quite a bit of this style which includes vintage furniture and floral wallpaper. It tends to be more popular with Millenials and definitely hasn’t become mainstream but it seems to have opened the door to florals, bold colours and a laid back, comfortable space . This leads us to the 70’s, which is back for another round.

We’re seeing a resurgence of colours like orange and apple green which are very reminiscent of that time. We’re also seeing wooden accents like lamps which are a solid nod to the 70’s. There’s sleek furniture pieces like sofas in strong floral patterns with low profiles that sit close to the floor. It’s definitely bolder than anything we’ve seen in design in a while but it also embodies comfortable living.


Architectural Digest

I mentioned terrazzo above but iIf that isn’t your thing then maybe some of these bold and colourful marbles will entice you. We won’t be saying goodbye to the neutral countertop materials we’ve seen in the last decade but we will be seeing a lot of colour and strong veining show up in 2023.

If you spend time on Pinterest you may have already seen kitchens and bathrooms with stone countertops in loud colours going from forest green to dusty rose or sky blue. Whenever we make such a big change the initial reaction is usually negative. I predict that we’re going to see a lot more of this trend this year so maybe by the end of the year you’ll be considering it for your own space.

You don’t have to opt for natural marble if you don’t like the maintenance. Just as the quartz manufacturers hopped on the white and grey trend, we’re already seeing them bring in designs with bold pattern and colour.



If you’re not familiar with this term it’s a blending of Japanese and Scandinavian design. What these styles both have in common is that they rely on minimalism and simple lines but there’s also a warmth to this style. That comes from the Scandinavian preference for hygge which is all about creating home environments that are cozy and nurturing. If you are reading about all of the colour and pattern emerging in the world of design and you’re not happy about it then this is for you.

You’re probably already familiar with Scandinavian design and the hygge lifestyle but may not be as familiar with Japanese design. They’re very similar in that they both use light coloured wood and bring warmth to the design through texture. This design is very neutral but warm. The design is harmonious and nothing in the room steals the show but rather each piece complements the rest. Every piece in the room is simple in its lines and construction but it never looks boring. It’s peaceful and easy to relax in and we can all use more of that in our lives.

I hope this helps you get ready for the next year, or decade, of design. It’s yet to be seen which of these trends will have staying power and while will fade away but for 2023 they’re here to stay.

If you need help on your space, contact me for more information on how I can help you in your space.

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