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What do you think of when you think about a kitchen renovation? New cabinetry and countertops or do you dream of a complete overhaul of the layout of the space? Itís a misconception that in order to create a beautiful kitchen it has to be reconfigured to create an unrecognizable transformation. Some of the most beautiful designs leave the footprint of the space and just focus on the elements. Thatís the case for this client project reveal.

I had worked with this lovely couple in the past when I decorated the basement family room of their home. When they called to discuss their kitchen I was already familiar with the space and super excited about the project.


The dining room was adjacent to the kitchen so it seemed reasonable that we could blow out the structure to create a larger, more open space.

The homeowners were living with a dated environment and it didnít inspire creativity or even a desire to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They wanted an update to the entire space that would make it feel current.


Every space and project has its own challenges. In this case the challenge was twofold. We needed to create a beautiful, updated space but stick to a tight budget. Additionally, there was a structural support beam running through the space that made space planning difficult.

After weighing the options, we decided to leave the footprint of the kitchen exactly as it was. This would save an enormous amount of money and we could use that to make this space feel modern and bright. One of the biggest expenses in a kitchen overhaul is the decision to move plumbing.

By leaving the island and the plumbing as they were we avoided the massive expense of reinforcing a structural beam. We also avoided the cost of rerouting plumbing.

The last issue we needed to address was the window that overlooked a brick wall of their neighboursí house. It was important to keep the natural light that flowed in through the window but we needed to create a solution to the view.


This house was designed with 2 sets of sliding doors to the backyard of the house. In theory this is a nice design feature because it brings so much natural light into the space. In practical terms, itís unnecessary because the doors sat almost side by side.

We decided to close off the set of doors in the kitchen and leave just the dining room access to the backyard. Now we could take advantage of that wall and incorporate additional cabinetry. This created a more functional workspace adjacent to the stove so dinner prep could become easier.


With the structural decisions made we moved on to the aesthetic decisions. The homeowners had been living with a very dated design and it was time to bring their kitchen into this decade.

All of the cabinetry was replaced and we opted for a classic shaker style door throughout the space. We changed the crown moulding to a simple flat moulding to keep the illusion of height but give it a more modern look.

Next it was time to make a decision around colour for both the cabinetry as well as the material finishes like cabinetry pulls, faucets, light fixtures, etc. We chose to do a dual colour combo for the cabinetry. We wanted something classic but with a touch of fun so we went with a creamy white on the perimeter of the space. We added a fun pop of colour to the island and chose this modern but classic blue. You might remember a recent project reveal with this colour combination as well. Itís a tried and true classic colour combination that youíll never tire of.

We decided to incorporate one of todayís hot trends and use a combo of metal finishes in the space. For the cabinetry pulls we selected a soft, matte gold. This works so well against the creamy white and gives the entire kitchen an instant update.

All of the appliances as well as the faucet are stainless steel. My clients had recently purchased new appliances so all of those were incorporated into the updated design. We finished off the look with a matte black finish for our light fixtures, both over the island as well as the task light. If the homeowners ever tire of this finish they can easily and inexpensively update those fixtures for a new look.

We wanted to keep the overall effect very simple and seamless so we chose a quartz countertop in a palette similar to the cabinetry colour. We used this on both the perimeter and the island to create a cohesive look. This works really well in smaller spaces where you want to create the illusion of a bigger space. The quartz has a simple veining that mimics the feel of marble without the maintenance to go along with it.


As I mentioned, the window overlooking the brick wall was something we definitely needed to address. We chose to add a new window to maintain the access to the natural light but we added a frosted coating. This allows all the light and completely eliminates the view of the brick. Above the window we added an additional light fixture. This is a functional fixture for when the dark winter reappears but it can also act as ambient light. Itís nice to have one small light that can be left on during the evening for those late night snack attacks.

One of the biggest changes in the space was replacing the flooring. We chose a beautiful light oak plank vinyl. This will feel much softer underfoot than the ceramic tile that was previously used. It also adds an instant update to the space. We carried the flooring into the dining room and this helped to achieve the integrated look of those two spaces that we had been working towards.

The last piece of the puzzle is the addition of the new backsplash. I selected a square, glazed porcelain tile that adds shine and brightness to the space due to its high gloss finish.

Overall, this kitchen renovation was a success. The homeowners are thrilled with their new, updated kitchen and find themselves looking forward to all the time they can spend in both the kitchen and the dining room.

I hope youíve enjoyed this project reveal. I also hope it shows you that you can make a giant impact in your space without changing the layout.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming kitchen renovation with me, contact me. Iíd love to speak with you.

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