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Its all about creating a lifestyle that sells…..

The key to a successful sale in real estate is showcasing the property at it's best so the potential buyer can imagine themselves enjoying your gorgeous home! It creates a spark that tells that buyer this is the one, the home I want....and the home that's worth a little more to make it mine! Kristina Gray Design Interiors takes care of all the planning, designing, and logistics so your property stands out and gets SOLD!

Property Staging Consultation

What’s Included:

We visit your property to conduct an in-person assessment and walk through the entire property with the critical "buyer's eye". We identify key areas of your property that need attention in order to attract and entice offers. Addressing these issues before your house goes up for sale will give buyers less desire to haggle on the sale price. We provide a detailed staging report following the consultation, which includes room by room recommendations. At this point, you may decide to carry out the recommendations yourself or have us provide you with a quote for getting the work done.

Staging and Showcasing the Property

Once the recommendation work is completed, the staging can begin. We work with most of your own furnishings to highlight your home's finest features by creating the best flow, function, accessorizing and emphasizing focal points. If additional furnishings are required to compliment your space, quality inventory can be rented at an additional cost.

Why Stage?

91% of buyers begin their home search on-line, increasing the need for fabulous attention grabbing photos. Buyers only know what they see, most people can't visulize the true potential of a space. Staging creates a feeling, an idea in the buyer that they have found their future home! Emotions sell a home so creating those feelings through lifestyle merchandising is essential in allowing buyers to fall in love with the home and the dream!

  • Gain a competitive edge over similar listings
  • Sell faster and closer to or above asking price
  • Creates an emotional connection with buyers
  • Staging allows buyers to visualize themselves in the property and fall in love with the space
  • Staged homes sell quicker therefore less time on market, means less disruptions in your life
Service Summary
  • Curb appeal enhancement
  • Furniture layout and selection
  • Decor selection and arrangement
  • Lighting enhancements and upgrades
  • Colour selections
  • Organizing and eliminating clutter
  • Creating rooms that are clean, spacious, and inviting

Sell Your Property

Property Staging is about perfectly packaging a product and effective marketing. If you were selling a cake and there was two options, a plain cake or one with icing and decorations, which one would sell faster and for more money?

Kristina Gray Design perfectly packages your property for sale. Beautiful attention grabbing photos. Beautiful showcased open house event. Another property SOLD!

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