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If your home isnít a reflection of you it can be frustrating and leave you feeling a lack of enthusiasm. We all want our homes to be a place to welcome friends, celebrate with family and just recharge our batteries. When we donít love our home environment, we can feel like weíre missing out or waiting until later for that special host the big family dinner or the party to celebrate with friends.

The place youíre living in now was your dream home at some point. Itís possible to feel that way again. To feel like itís a true reflection of you. And itís not just aesthetics, there are real psychological benefits to living in a space that makes you feel great. Itís like an extension of who we are outside of ourselves.

How Does It Work?

All design begins with a 2-hour Initial Consultation.

During the initial consultation weíll discuss your project in detail and Iíll gather information about how you live and all your preferences. Iíll bring samples but youíre always welcome to share what youíve collected as well.

Looking ahead to your full renovation, build or decorating project, this is just the beginning. If youíre ready to move past the consultation, chose from one of the following services:

  • RENOVATIONS Ė whether itís a kitchen, a bathroom or an entire home I can take you from planning to installation.
  • NEW BUILDS Ė my experience, along with the experience of my trusted team of trades will ensure youíre well taken care of during your build. This can be an overwhelming experience to go through so make sure youíre bringing along a team that can make this an enjoyable one.
  • SPACE PLANNING Ė how a home functions is just as important as how it looks. Through proper space planning you can create a functional home with optimal flow that maximizes the footprint of the space.
  • PRODUCT SOURCING & PROCUREMENT Ė itís easy to be overwhelmed by what to select and where to go when youíre purchasing new furniture. Avoid mistakes and returns that can be not just a nuisance but very costly. I have reliable sources that I trust to bring the best quality and best prices to your project.

Regardless of what service is best for you, youíll be guided through the entire process from beginning to end. You can feel confident knowing that youíre being led by a team of trusted professionals.

At the end of our project, youíll have your dream space. And then all that you have left to do is sit back and enjoy!

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